Go... Go... Goa!

Beaches or Booze is the first thing that hits the mind when someone speaks about Goa. Known for its splendid beaches and cheap liquor, everyone would want to spend a few days here with friends.

We planned a holiday two months back utilizing the long weekend we could avail opting for a leave on Monday. The train tickets were booked immediately and the discussion about the resorts was on. Finally, we decided that we wont spend much for resorts since we are supposed to be exploring Goa most of the time rather staying in the rooms. Although that was a nice idea, we had no answers for the rains. It was monsoon time in Goa and the plan would wreck havoc on us if we were confined to our rooms. Most of the resorts that were suggested in the budget category were under renovation. In the mean time, a few had been transferred and a few moved to different projects. A few already told that they would opt out citing Onam.

Will the plan materialize? 

Whatsoever, let us make it happen this time was the spirit! Finally, thirteen confirmed to make it from four locations, Pune, Mangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Eight of us were from Pune and the plan was to leave office after lunch. 

The train to Goa was scheduled at 4:30 pm. We planned to take the corporation bus around half past two so that we would have enough time at the station and need not hurry. But, I was still struck up with work.

Oh! This one ought to be completed and an email has to be sent. The logic is not working by the way!

Pub pinged me, 

Ready? Shall we start? It's already 2.30.
No yaar. I'm struck with something. Why don't you guys start while I'll start with Pulp by the 3:15 pm bus.
Ok. It's up to you. Reach the station on time.

It has been a day since I recovered from fever. The last time these guys planned to go to Goa, I fell ill and had to skip it. Perhaps, I had been the one insisting on a trip then. This time around, I fell sick again and was on the verge of skipping it. Luckily, I recovered well in time and was fit to travel. The body was still weak and I was just not enjoying the present situation.

This solution does not work as well. I'll leave it and move on. Let me ping Pulp.

Pulp was busy and did not reply. It was already 2:50 pm. The mobile rang. Pulp finally responds!

Hey dude, I'll start by 3. Gimme a call when you start.
I've started. Come out of your building in time. Should take some time for me to walk slowly.

I was in building 1 and Pulp in 8 and it was quite a distance to walk to the bus bay. The bus was scheduled at 3:15 pm and we reached in time. Pulp carried the luggage for me seeing me exhausted. The bus started a little late by 3:20 pm and seemed to move at a snail's pace. We were getting late. At 4:00 pm, Got a call from Kat.

Where are you guys? Tell me the train number and coach.
Off the Wakad flyover. Guess we'll be there in time.

I told the train number and the coach and enquired about the platform.

The platform number is not being displayed yet. Gimme a call once you guys reach the station.

After a few minutes, I dozed off. By the time I woke up, It was 4:20 pm. We were in some part of the city moving through the traffic and that we had only ten more minutes scared me. A couple of minutes later the bus stopped right opposite the station and we got down in a hurry. Before I could dial Kat, I got a call from him informing that the train was late by thirty minutes.

We are standing near the restaurant on platform 1. Come soon.

Pulp and I walked over to platform 1.

They have not still mentioned the platform?
Yeah! But, Kat is waiting on plat 1.

Kat was standing there with Smily and Gol.

Where are the others?
Where else?

These guys had planned it well. Just reach the station before time and have a drink in the bar to be on a high. Fifteen minutes passed by and finally the guys came back; Pub, Mak and Peve. In the mean time, I had some pastry in the canteen only to find it expensive.

The train arrived at 5:00 pm and we boarded the train. It was relatively less crowded and we occupied the seats reserved for us.

To be continued...


  1. The journey is yet to start and already u r bringing up the pace.... if u don't update the story soon or stop lik u did the email thing, u r gonna get it from me!!! But, nice start :)

    1. 11 years later, the only regret is that I did not complete this.


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