First Showers

I had plans to visit Landmark today. I completed all the tasks assigned to me by half past five in the evening and quickly started off to the bus-bay. The sky was overcast. I expected rain later in the night. As I boarded the bus to M.G.Road, Pub called me to tell that Jim was travelling home from Pune airport and it was raining heavily near Shivaji Nagar. I neither carried umbrella nor had a jacket, so, changed my plans to go to home instead. Got off and boarded the other bus to Pimple Saudagar. The traffic was moving at a normal pace over Wakad flyover which otherwise would move at a snail's pace given the current weather conditions. Five minutes later, it was drizzling and then as the bus moved towards home, it started raining heavily. I was sitting with Pub and Smily, worried if my shoes would get wet. The bus stopped at a distance from the society we stayed in making certain that I would get wet. Drenched, I reached home.

The first showers of the season seem to be always special. They have the power to carry us back in time and make us remember special moments. A couple of years back, the same day, I told myself that I should propose the gal I liked. I had been close with many but I felt magic when I spent time with her. Well I did and what unfurled was a lot of drama no less than a movie. I cannot stop giggling thinking of it now, different emotions then.  A few years back, a change was waiting to happen which would change me. These showers are indeed special!