The alarm was ringing; it was already five past seven. I felt reluctant to get up from bed. Should I start or change plans to go by the late morning bus. I would reach office by noon and would not be able to leave early. I had plans to watch Raavanan later in the evening. Scratching my head, I headed to the shower. The water was chill and refreshing. Started to office; I was at my desk in an hour. I went through my emails and there were some review comments for the code I delivered. It was not what I expected and I started off on a bad mood. There was not much work as the day progressed, I started chatting with friends and browsed the photographs in the bulletin board popularly called SLRBB.

Twelve-thirty, it was time for lunch and as usual the talk was about the movie that got released that day. People were telling that the movie has got mixed reviews. Some routine work and another look in to the bulletin board. In the section for entertainment, someone had posted a review took from some website which read Raavan was not good. A few immediately announced to sell their tickets. I expected a decent movie. I have watched a few of Maniratam's movies and never felt any movie was a bad watch. I should also admit I have not watched many movies.

It was about a quarter to five when I realized that I had to make a move. I quickly closed all the applications and shut down the computer. As I collected my bag, I heard someone,

Are you leaving by the five-o-clock bus? Just nine more minutes?
It takes seven to reach the bus bay, Happy Weekend. 

I walked fast to the bus bay and got in to the bus on time. My foot was disturbing me for quite some time; I managed to stay calm but in vain. It was like this for a month now. Perhaps, I did not even understand, but the pain was already taking a toll making me restless. Should I call it Psychosomatic?! Got down from the bus and I walked home cursing the pain. Rested a while and took a quick bath. Rag arrived on time. It was already drizzling as we left home.

As planned, got an auto to Parihar Chowk; had dinner at Idlicious and reached the theatre well ahead of time. We had to wait for another forty minutes for the show and had no clue what to do. Strolled inside the multiplex and browsed through a few books at Crossword. Time appeared to be still. Another ten minutes left, we sat on the bench near the elevator. A crowd was rushing out of screen 3 which meant we would be able to get in soon. A lady came near the elevator only to wait and see it full to take the stairs. As she hurried, someone asked her,

How is the movie?

I was able to hear only that. Disappointed, I moved in. We did not have to wait much. The national anthem was played in a flash and the censor certificate read 'Raavanan'.

Veera stands still on the cliff. Whistles! A few of the police officers are brutally killed by Veera's men and Ragini is abducted. Dev investigates the scene when he is informed that his wife who was boating by the riverside was abducted by Veera. Dev rushes in to the jungle in search of Ragini. Veera plans to kill her after 14 hours but she stands brave telling that he has no right to take life out of her. In an instant, she leaps from the cliff in to the water. Veera rushes behind to save the prey. This is when the hunter becomes the hunted. Veera falls in love and takes Ragini with him. In the mean time, Dev advances in to the forest with the forest guard. Dev is portrayed to represent the good and Veera, the bad. As the movie progresses, it becomes difficult to choose between Veera and Dev. What will Ragini do? Will she choose to side with Veera or Dev? Will Dev rescue Ragini defeating Veera? The movie has answers to all the questions. I do not want to make this a spoiler for those who want to watch the movie.

The movie is a classic drama with the Ramayan re-told in a different way. The background music and the slow pace make you get a feel of the environment. AR Rahman clearly wins it hands down. The cinematography is awesome. I guess no one will miss the dragon fly. The landscape was breathtaking and those shot in Pune is clearly identifiable. Everyone seems to fit in and have played it to perfection. Suhasini could have done better with the dialogues; I guess the director would have missed Sujatha the most. A signature Maniratnam film. I have only the superlatives and do not want to spill more.

Got to say that the day ended with a perfect treat. Good night!


  1. I have read so much bad reviews now that I do not feel like watching the movie.

    Your blog is nice ;) Keep up the good work and keep posting more....


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